my review on Pokemon X and Y

                                              Pokémon X and Y Review



Stage 1 Story


Pokémon X and Y is my favorite role playing game. You take the role of a pokémon trainer who is trying to become the pokémon champion you come across bad guys called team flare who want to make the world a nicer place but only they can survive to do so. You meet great friends on the way to become a champion.

Stage 2 Gameplay

The game-play is nice but first you have to walk but once you get roller blades. It makes the gameplay smoother and a lot faster for the player.


Stage 3 Pokémon


There is a huge variety of pokémon like legiendaries that are the rarest of them all. Also different types of pokémon like grass type, dragon type, fire type, water type, ground type. Others types are dark type,normal type, steel type, psychic type, ghost type, rock type, poison type. Also there are fighting type, bug type, electric type, Ice type, and finally the new type fairy type. You can catch all of the pokémon but some are harder to catch and some are easier to catch. There is a new evolution called Mega evolution that make your pokémon stronger but it only last for a battle and then it turns back to normal but every battle you can use mega evolution.


Stage 4 Challenge


The game isn’t that challenging if you are trying to beat it BUT it is really challenging if you want to complete it 100% or catch all the pokémon.


Stage 5 Voice Acting


There is no voice acting, just subtitles but it works for a Pokémon game and they have done this in all the other pokemon games as well.


Stage 6 Rating


Being the first Pokémon game on the 3DS and 2DS.

(Ign) international gamers nation rated a 9 out of 10.

The community rated 9.5 out of 10 I rate this game a 9.9. out of 10.


Events in 2013

The most important event is probably The 3D printer to a lot of people because it will change the world.

But in my opinion Lego making new products and The next gen consoles mean the most to me and my viewers because That is what my blog is about (Lego and video games.)

Big thanks to Animoto Which is the site that help me make this video.

upcoming Lego mechs That I make.

I will start doing Lego posts more now because I said I would in my first post.

AND ALSO LEGO MECHS THAT I BUILD WILL BE ON THIS BLOG I AM DONE 3 OF THEM BUT THERE WILL BE MORE AND THANKS TO ALL THE VISITORS AND SUPPORTERS like my friend evanm4gpv and elliott4gpv and simon4gpv and kyuss4gpv  are all solid members of my blog and theirs.


Challenge 9 a



This might be hard to read so try your best to read this.




Kyuss, simon, Isaac, and I were walking near the creek and we saw a dead possum. simon thought it was dead and poked it with a stick.

And then it happen. The possum jumped up and scratched simon in the face. Simon ran and tripped over a log. Then fell in the creek. we ran to No Fills. The manager named evan found a racoon and got attacked so we ran to my house but there was a skunk there. Kirsten got sprayed by the skunk.

Then, we ran to Simon’s house but there was a rat that scratched Alex. so we ran to kyuss`s house but Kyuss`s got attacked by a mouse. Now we had to get rabies shots. In the end we learned never to poke dead things.